Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Experts in Indian Food - Finding the Best in NYC

Recently, Madhur Jaffrey, a well-known food writer, explained that "nobody can be an expert on Indian food." At Darbar on 46th in Midtown Manhattan, we agree. Madhur explains that India is a large country with a broad range of cultural nuances and differences from region to region, and even small town to the next small town. 

In NYC, Indian food is popular and everyone has something different. Foodies and Indian food lovers have to find their "best" by trying quality restaurants and tasting unique dishes for the first or hundredth time - until the best is on your taste buds and in your belly! 

Madhur Jaffrey says, "Every time you go into a little crevice of India, you find a new cuisine, a new dish." We agree. The same can be said for Indian restaurants in NYC. 

Darbar on 46 takes pride in a traditional take on Indian cuisine while bringing in some contemporary menu offerings, like crab cakes, to round out a completely delicious dining experience in New York City. Still in the middle of NYC Restaurant Week, Darbar on 46 offers appetizers, entrees and desserts, along with popular drinks, like the lassi. Who can forget about Naan? If you're a new Indian food lover, you'll likely go for the Chiken Tikka Masala, because everyone makes that "good." The goal is to find the "best," and we believe you'll love our take on this traditional meal. 

If you want to venture into more vegetarian offerings, Darbar on 46 includes vegetable samosas and a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. This combines with meat, chicken and seafood entrees for Indian food that has a little something for everyone. Maybe no one is an Indian food expert, but at Darbar on 46th, we certainly try! 

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